About Coash

Colby Coash was elected to Legislative District 27 of the Nebraska State Legislature in 2008. He serves as vice-chairman of the Urban Affairs committee, as well as on the Judiciary, General Affairs, Children’s Behavioral Health, State Tribal Relations, and Developmental Disability oversight committees.

A life-long Nebraskan, Coash has worked within the Legislature to give voice to vulnerable Nebraskans through his advocacy of people with disabilities. His work to ensure quality leadership and services at the Beatrice State Developmental Center as a member of the Developmental Disability oversight committee has resulted in increased quality of support for the residents while increasing efficiency of service delivery. He worked to secure funding for people with disabilities previously on the waiting list for services. As a result over six-hundred people have received needed services.  Colby’s priority for the upcoming session is to find the solution to the increasing number of state wards in Nebraska through the introduction of LR 525.

Coash has spearheaded efforts to assist the Nebraska Court system in promoting access to justice for all Nebraska citizens. His work to increase the use of retired judges has provided the Judiciary with efficient means to increase judicial access. He has increased the access to Justice by increasing Judicial resources in Lancaster County by adding both a County and District Court Judge.  Furthermore, Coash has worked to ensure the criminal justice system maintains not only “justice”, but also good stewardship of tax payer money. Coash champions laws that achieve both justice for victims and the community, and provide the appropriate resources to prevent recidivism.

Coash has been called the “Nebraska’s Champion of Tourism”. He has worked tirelessly to promote the economic develoment and impact of Nebraska’s third largest industry. He has enacted legislation that allows for self-promotion of Nebraska’s tourist attactions on roadways and assisted in the growth of the state’s wine industry.

Born and raised in Bassett, Nebraska, Colby received his undergraduate degree from the University of Nebraska and has completed Graduate work in Leadership Development. Coash and his wife, Rhonda, live in Lincoln, with their son Cole.

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